Building a collection of sports cars

When it comes to boys’ toys there are few finer things to own than your own sports car collection. If you’re lucky enough to be in a position that you can afford to do this then it’s the ultimate male fantasy; your mates will be insanely jealous and there are few things that will immediately impress women more than a collection of fast cars!

Before you begin your collection you need to make sure you can afford it! You’ll only succeed in looking like a plonker if you have a collection of sports cars but can’t afford to drive them! Collecting sports cars is by no means a cheap hobby and some cars devalue faster than others. As an example, an Audi A5 coupé depreciates much faster than its S5 counterpart, which is typically only a few thousand more at purchase.

When you start your collection you should decide what sort of sports cars you want to go for. A collection without a binding theme looks messy and suggests you’ll just buy anything, which is not the sort of impression you will want to give off for such a costly collection! A man of refined taste will make sure that his sports car collection has some sort of theme bringing it all together – are you going for fast, modern sports cars? Do you prefer vintage sports cars? Are you going for a collection of sports cars from a specific manufacturer? Decide which theme you’re going to centre your collection around before beginning.

Next you’ll want to consider the specifications of each car you wish to add to your collection. Most sports cars are rear wheel drive in order to achieve the sharpest possible handling and steering. As compared to front wheel drive cars this often results in more oversteer which requires experience to correct. If you’re not used to this you may want to consider taking some lessons. Nobody’s a perfect driver and some sports cars can be particularly fragile – you don’t want to ruin an expensive car because you didn’t know how to drive it properly!

Lastly you’ll want to think about resale value. Cars go through fashionable phases like anything else and sports cars in particular are subject to trends. You’ll have a lot more trouble shifting an unfashionable sports car so be mindful of this when making your purchase. Some sports cars are classics that have their own hardcore enthusiasts, such as Porsche collectors, but otherwise your best bet will be sticking to relatively new cars. Buying and selling within a few years of release should ensure that you’ll always find somebody to take your car off your hands when you’re done with it. That makes it easier for you to add a new car to your collection!


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